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5 Adult Toys That Every Man Should Have

While women can talk freely about owning one or two adult toys, it’s often shunned upon when a man says the same thing. However, men also need their toys if they are to know ways to get sexual satisfaction. While every man has different needs, having sex toys from Joujou can help you become a better lover. Whether you’re a man who is single or in a relationship, the following are five best adult toys that can help you enhance sexual pleasure


Masturbation isn’t just for sexual satisfaction; it helps a man figure out which part of their male anatomy excites them the most. From experience you get using these adult toys, you can then teach your partner on what to do to give you sexual pleasure. Depending on what makes you tick, you can choose from vibrating, butt, vaginal, hand, to rotating masturbators.

Cock rings

When you insert a cock ring around the base of a penis, you will get not only a firm erection but also an explosive orgasm. These sex toys work by naturally constricting blood vessel so that your penis remains harder for longer. Cock rings are also easy to use hence are ideal for beginners who are starting to experiment with adult toys.

Penis pump

Penis pumps are a great tool for getting relief when you need to ejaculate. They are also great for foreplay with your partner. These adult toys are ideal for men who have problems getting an erection as they can help increase penis size temporarily. You can even get a design with skin like features that help to make the blowjob sensation authentic. These adult toys mimic the hugging experience that your penis gets when it’s inside a vagina or mouth. Some penis pump have vibrations, enhanced movements, varying level of tightness while others have extra friction. The bonus features work to give a man more pleasure. These toys are available in metal and rubber materials.


Vibrators aren’t just made for women; men can use these adult toys for their sexual pleasure. Men’s vibrators are designed with a man’s physique in mind. Therefore, you can use these sex toys to stimulate specific pleasure spots on your penis and scrotum.

Adult toys for massaging the prostrate

The male version of a G spot is prostrate, and when you stimulate this body part, it can result in an intense orgasm. Instead of using your fingers, use adult toys that are designed to apply pressure on the prostate and enhance sexual pleasure. With the right toy you can have multiple orgasms. Some of these toys can include ass play or penetration which require you to use lube.

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